QC June Unemployment

July  24, 2014

      Unemployment fell sharply in the Quad Cities in June. It dropped from 7 per cent a year ago, to 6.2 per cent last month. Tom Austin, from the Illinois Department of Employment Security, says not only are more people employed in this area, there are also fewer officially consider un-employed.

      "We did see some growth in industries such as retail trade, professional and business services, and leisure and hospitality. There were some declines - in education and health services, as well as government."

      Austin says declines in education employment are considered normal during the summer months, but the number of government jobs has been declining for the past year. 

      At 6.2 per cent, the Quad Cities unemployment rate in June was the second lowest in Illinois - only Springfield at 6.1 per cent was lower. At the other end of the scale were Decatur at 9.2 per cent and Danville at 9.3. State officials say unemployment in Illinois is now at the lowest level in six years.