Prayer on the Agenda for Moline City Council

June  03, 2014

      Prayer is on the agenda for the Moline City Council--a possible vote on it, that is. Tonight, aldermen will discuss whether to add an optional invocation at the beginning of each meeting.

      Second ward alderman, David Parker Junior, introduced the idea last month after the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to allow Christian prayers at city council meetings.  Parker believes prayer will improve how meetings are run, and what decisions are made. Each month, one of the aldermen would decide whether there'd be invocations at that month's meetings.

      "You know, ask for guidance as we make decisions and simply the protection of the citizens, as well as the staff and first responders. Nothing too polarizing--shouldn't be. Simply just an opportunity to give thanks, ask for direction and protection."

      Parker also thinks it's a good way to give thanks for blessings in the city, such as new development downtown and along John Deere Road. The first reading of the proposed ordinance is set for tonight with a final vote possible next week.