Possible Safety Violations at QC Company

August  19, 2014

      A Quad Cities company is in trouble with federal authorities for un-safe working conditions. That's the allegation today from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, against McLaughlin Body.

      McLaughlin has plants in Rock Island and East Moline and makes metal components for farm, construction, and military vehicles.

      OSHA spokeswoman Rhonda Burke says the agency received a complaint earlier this year, and inspected the two plants in March. And it found nine serious violations - that the workers were exposed to "amputation hazards."

      "From failing to protect workers from moving machinery parts during servicing and maintenance of the machines. What OSHA found is that many of the machines lacked adequate guards which are designed to prevent injuries such as amputation."

      Burke says McLaughlin has up to three weeks (15 business days) to contest the findings, or request a conference with OSHA.

      "It's to review the violations and they can present abatement evidence to show they've made the corrections. And then those proposed fines may be reduced if the company has taken care of many of the issues."

      OSHA has proposed penalties for the violations totalling 43,000 dollars. A company spokesman is out of the office until later this week.