Plans for Lyndon Lane

March  10, 2014

      Now that a public housing complex in Rock Island has been demolished, construction can begin on its replacement. Tonight, the city council will consider plans from the Rock Island Housing Authority for Lyndon Lane.  That's the name of the new single family and duplex homes to be built on the former site of Manor Homes - at 26th Avenue and 8th Street.

      The 60-year old Manor Homes, including 14 barracks-style buildings, was torn down in recent weeks, and last week the Rock Island Planning Commission voted unanimously in favor of the Housing Authority's proposal.   It plans to build 53 rental units, in 24 two-story duplex structures and six one-story, single-unit structures.  The City Engineer has also approved the plans. 

      The project will cost an estimated 12 million dollars. 



(drawing - 26th Avenue runs from left to right across the top of the drawing, while on the right side 9th Street goes up and down)