Penny Parade for the Sandburg Site

January  30, 2014

      Once again children will help preserve the memory of one of Illinois' most famous poets and authors. Friday, results of the annual Penny Parade will be announced at the Carl Sandburg State Historic Site in Galesburg.

      Site Superintendent, Martha Downey, says the Penny Parade began in 1961 when the local Sandburg association needed to raise money. 

      "When the announcement was made that Lincoln would be on the copper penny, Sandburg wrote this wonderful essay that it was absolutely appropriate that Lincoln, a man of the common people, would be on the coin of the common person. So they took inspiration from that essay and encouraged the local school children to collect pennies."

      Not only does it raise money for the historic site, Downey says it's also a great way to teach children about Sandburg.

      Each year the money is used for basic projects, such as landscaping, lighting, sidewalks, and a sound system. And last year, the Penny Parade raised 31-hundred dollars. Children will bring their pennies to the Sandburg State Historic Site on Friday at 1 pm, and enjoy refreshments, a sing-along, and a short lesson on Carl Sandburg and his writings. 


(photo courtesy of the Carl Sandburg Historic Site Association)