Pacem in Terris 2014

August  11, 2014

       A woman who's worked for 50 years to help people in poverty, in the US and overseas, is this year's winner of the Pacem in Terris, Peace and Freedom Award. Sister Simone Campbell, from the Sisters of Social Service, will be honored by the Diocese of Davenport next month.

      Kent Ferris, director of social action for the Diocese, says Campbell is known for her bus tours designed to highlight the need for social and economic justice, and her efforts to bring about "systemic change" to help people in poverty.

      "Understanding what they're going through and how they've been marginalized. I think that's really what shapes her advocacy work,  and one that's not merely about doing for other people but being with them and empowering people who are living in poverty or those who have experienced injustice."

      Sister Campbell is also an attorney, and executive director of Network, a Catholic social justice lobby group. And her recent efforts have focused on health care and immigration reform.

      Ferris says past winners of the Pacem in Terris award include 6 people who won the Nobel Peace Prize.

      "It's really a wonderful opportunity for people to pause and reflect on how important working for peace and justice can be, particularly during these times when there are so many challenges that we face both in our country and around the world."

      Sister Campbell will receive the award September 21, at Saint Ambrose University in Davenport.