Officer Involved Shooting

October  23, 2013

     A Davenport police officer has been cleared of any wrongdoing for shooting a suspect earlier this month. This afternoon, results of an investigation by the Sheriff's Department and Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation were announced - they looked at the wounding of 21 year old Ryan Franklin of Davenport by officer Mike Jacobsen on October 10th. 

     After playing recordings of the police radio calls, and video from squad car dashboard cameras, Scott County Attorney Mike Walton said Jacobsen's use of deadly force was reasonable - that he believed it was necessary to avoid injury or death to himself or others.

     About 8 am on October 10th, police were called to an alley at 15th and Warren Streets to investigate a suspicious person. And when the man was stopped, Officer Jacobsen noticed a gun sticking out of the waist band in the back of his pants. When a second officer arrived, the suspect tried to run away, and also reached for his gun. Jacobsen fired three times, hitting the man twice in the back.

     The gun turned out to be a b-b gun, but officers did not know that until after the suspect was shot. 



(in photo, Mike Walton plays video from a squad car camera for reporters during the news conference)