North Scott School Projects

August  28, 2014

      As the new school year starts, students at North Scott High School are learning how to dodge demolition and construction. Work started this month on the next phase of renovations - the administrative offices, media center, and main entry.

      Director of Operations, John Netwal, says that follows updating of the locker rooms, wrestling rooms, and bathrooms in the 57 year old building.

      "It's been added onto over eight different times in those 57 years. But we're going in there and we'll try to tear into it and bring all that stuff together and give it a more modern look and hopefully a more efficient design."

      Netwal says this work at the high school is the latest project included in the updated master plan adopted two years ago. Some work has been completed at North Scott junior high and at Alan Shepherd Elementary School in Long Grove. And work is nearly done at Edward White Elementary in Eldridge, including 9 new classrooms.

      He says some parts of the master plan are based on a survey of district staff.

      "In that needs assessment survey, it came out they needed more of these smaller spaces, not a full-size classroom, but where they could take small groups, break out of a classroom and go into these rooms and the students could work as groups and collaborate."

      The cost of all these project is about 17 million dollars, and the money comes from current and future proceeds of the local option sales tax, and physical plant and equipment levy.