New Two-Way Streets in Dubuque

August  25, 2014

      Even long-time residents of Dubuque will have to be careful from now on while driving downtown. Today the city converted four streets from one-way to two-way traffic.

      Jon Dienst, from the engineering department, says a consultant recommended the change 5 years ago while helping the city plan for the re-development of the historic Millwork District.

      "These streets originally were two-way. They became one-way when the 151-61 highway went through and in order to facilitate connections to some of the ramps. But some of the changing business and demographics that we have downtown, with more people wanting to live downtown, it just made more sense to go to two-way streets."

      The conversion affects 9th, 10th, 11th, and Pine streets, following several weeks of publicity, including notices sent in the mail with utility bills and message signs downtown. The change officially took effect at 4 am today, and required new traffic signals, pavement striping, sidewalk access ramps, and new signs.

      Dienst says business owners backed the change, saying it would help local residents and visitors to Dubuque shop, and navigate, through downtown.