New Leadership on Arsenal Island

August  21, 2014

      Soldiers and civilians on Arsenal Island said farewell today to one leader and welcomed a new one. The Army Sustainment Command held a change of command ceremony for Major General John Wharton and his successor, Major General Kevin O'Connell.

      As he takes over at ASC, General O'Connell says he wants to strengthen the command by supporting troops and their families overseas.

      "They're everywhere from Korea, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Germany, Kuwait, and Afghanistan, so we're already regionally engaged, regionally aligned with combattant comanders and army service commanders. It's a matter of knowing what their issues are and resourcing them to be able to do their job."

      As conflicts continue around the globe and new ones begin, he wants to make sure that ASC is ready.

      "The next 2, 3, 4 years are going to be challenging because of the realities of the fiscal constraints that we're in, so we've gotta be able to prioritize resources and requirements and make sure we're getting there after the most important things."

      General O'Connell previously served on Arsenal Island as commanding general of the Joint Munitions Command. He looks forward to enjoying margaritas at Los Agaves and karaoke at Muddy Waters in Bettendorf.

      His predecessor, Major General Wharton, is headed to Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland where he'll lead the U.S. Research Development & Engineering Command. 


(Photo: L to R, General Dennis Via, Commanding General of the United States Army Materiel Command; Major General John Wharton, former Commanding General of the Army Sustainment Command; Major General Kevin O'Connell, incoming Commanding General of the Army Sustainment Command.)