New Jersey Governor Christie Visits Davenport

July  18, 2014

Christie visits Iowa

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      New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wrapped up his visit to Iowa yesterday with a campaign rally in Davenport for fellow Republican Governor Terry Branstad.  Christie, chair of the Republican Governors Association, praised Iowa for its majority republican leadership. The governor has set a record number of vetos in his state's mostly democratic legislature.

      "We've had some real conflict between us, but we've also gotten things done. Governor Branstad has had a split legislature here. Earlier in his tenure, he had an all democratic legislature. You never heard Terry Branstad use that as an excuse."

      He said Branstad's commitment to "effective and accountable" government explains the drop in state spending, property taxes, and unemployment. But supporters, he said, have the power to drive Iowa into victory in November.

      "I mean, I am so tired of hearing how hard working Branstad is. I've got to tell you the truth. I mean, every stop today within five stops, 'Hardest working governor in America.' I get it man, I hear it, I know. Hardest working governor in America. All the candidates are going to work hard. How about you?"

      Christie has visited 19 states since last December as part of the Republican Governors Association. The group has raised $60 million with the New Jersey governor as its head.

      Christie has hinted as possibly running for president in 2016.