New Features for Augustana's Stadium

August  12, 2013

When construction is finished at Augustana College, the Austin Knowlton Outdoor Atheltic Complex will have several new features. The complex is on the north side of the football stadium, and will include new stands for home spectators, a great view of campus, and a new clubhouse with a bar.

College spokesman, Scott Cason, says the refurbished stadium will attract more students athletes, and bring more local residents to Augustana football games. "What we're really driving for, I think, here, is to create a really unique and special Saturday football experience. We will have the best football complex in Division Three. And we want the best football Saturday experience in all of Division Three to come out of it as well. So we're working in parallel to see that those two things happen," he says.

Cason says the stadium will seat 15 hundred people when finished. The cost of the project is about 10-million dollars.

The work probably won't be completed until October, but Augustana will still play its home football games at Ericson Fields.