New Evidence in Perez Death

August  28, 2014

      Some new evidence may help solve the death of Emilio Perez. That's the hope anyway for the Illinois State Police who've not been able to solve the hit-and-run case from 6 months ago. 

      On March 8th, the 17-year old Perez was walking along Interstate 88, near Joslin, when a vehicle hit him, and then drove away.  Crime scene evidence now has narrowed the description of the suspect vehicle - it's now believed to be a 2000 through 2002 Silver Chevrolet or GMC Truck or SUV with black textured heated side mirrors. And investigators hope this new information will bring in some new leads. 

      Since his death, the Perez family has posted pleas for help on billboards around the area, and the updated vehicle information will go up on new billboards this week.  The family has offered a 10,000 dollar reward, and anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 309-762-9500. All tips are anonymous.