Muscatine Air Quality Meeting

June  24, 2013

     After years of complaints, measurements, and studies, work has started to reduce air pollution in Muscatine. Today the Iowa DNR will hold a public meeting in city hall to talk about the cleanup that's already underway. 

     Jim McGraw from the DNR's air quality bureau says the cleanup involves what's called "fine particulate matter" that comes from local industry burning coal, natural gas, or fuel oil. And these tiny particles are hazardous for children, the elderly, and anyone with respiratory problems.

     The level considered safe is 35 micro-grams per cubic meter of air, but during the past several years some readings in Muscatine have reached double that number. McGraw says the three main sources are Grain Processing Corporation, Muscatine Power and Light, and Union Tank Car Company. All three are working on permits or have already started cutting their emissions.

     The public meeting begins at 2 pm at Muscatine city hall, in the council chambers.