Monmouth College Class on C-Span

July  18, 2014

      This weekend, people across the nation will be able to "eavesdrop" on a history class at Monmouth College. As part of a series called "Lectures in History," a crew from C-Span taped a freshman class last April.

      History professor and department chair, Stacy Cordery, says she was recommended by colleagues at other schools.

      "When I said to the C-Span folks, Monmouth has a very innovative history curriculum and we expect students to be involved and engaged in every class at every level, so we don't lecture any more. So if what you want is a lecture class, I can't give you that. And he said 'Nope - we just want the typical Monmouth College experience in history so whatevery you do will be fine."

      The course for first year students was about the 1960's and this particular class focused on the Women's Liberation Movement, using books and documents written by the participants. 

      "This discussion course was an attempt to understand, in the words of the people who lived through the Women's Liberation Movement, their goals, their dreams, and their hopes."

      Despite the disruption of having to move the class to a different room, and have two cameras recording their every move and comment, Doctor Cordery thinks it was a pretty good example of how history is taught at Monmouth.

      "Lectures in History" airs on C-Span 3 on Saturdays at 7 and 11 pm central time, and again at noon on Sunday.