Moline's State of the City

January  21, 2013

     Financially and otherwise, 2012 was a good year for Moline. That was the message today from Mayor Don Welvaert during his annual state of the city address to members of the Kiwanis and Rotary clubs. 

   "Unlike the past five years, the 2013 budget began with a deficit of less than one million dollars; the first time since 2007. Sales tax, income tax, hotel-motel tax, and other revenue sources improved in 2012 as the economy began to recover."

     But the city faces a major financial challenge - funding pensions for its police and firefighters. This year, nearly two-thirds of property tax revenue will be needed to pay the city's contributions, and Welvaert says that shows why state pension reform is needed now.

     This was his 8th and final state of the city address - Welvaert has decided not to run for another term, and will step down in the spring.