Moline Will Buy Electric Cars

July  23, 2014

       Some new technology may help Moline save some money. Tuesday night the city council gave its preliminary approval to buying three electric cars.

       Fleet Services Manager, J. D. Schulte, says the three will be used for parking and code enforcement and utility inspections, and probably travel only 50 to 60 miles a day. 

      "Depending on the utilization - the heater, air conditioner, and windshield wipers on any given day - you could be looking at 90 to 115 miles a day of range. These cars will stay underneath that so we don't have to worry about them losing productivity by having to stop and re-charge during the work day."

      Each electric Ford Focus will cost more initially, but Schulte says the total cost of operating each one during its useful life will be 84-hundred dollars, versus 29,000 for the fossil fuel version.

      "And even though the capital cost up front is considerably higher for the electric over the fossil fuel vehicle, it's probably going to come out about 7 cents a mile lower over its life for the cost per mile than the fossil fuel version."

      He expects Moline aldermen will give their final approval to the electric car purchase early next month, and the new cars could be on the road in the city by the fall. 


(photo: an electric Ford Focus)