Moline Calls for Volunteers to Fill Sandbags

July  01, 2014

Engineers, clerks, public works employees, and residents are working hard to protect Moline  from the rising Mississippi River. This morning, Doug House, Municipal Services General Manager, asked for volunteers to help fill 25,000 sandbags.

Crews from the public works department are also putting up Hesco barriers in several locations, including 34th Street at River Drive, next to Western Illinois University's riverfront campus. He's especially concerned about an area near River Drive where four to five blocks flooded last night.

Moline resident Michael Castel is a seasonal worker who usually mows grass in city parks. But this week, the work is much more physical. "It was easy at first, but now I'm exhausted!"

For part of the morning, Moline resident Don Lindholm was the only volunteer making sandbags with Castel, his co-worker Josh Whiting, Engineer Rick Berry, and others. They all hope lots of volunteers show up when they have time to help.

Anyone who wants to volunteer should go to the Moline Public Works building in the 36-hundred block of 4th Avenue until 7 p.m. House says the operation will start up again at 7:30 tomorrow (wed) morning. 

(Photo WVIK News: On the right, Michael Castel and on the left, Don Lindholm)