Moline Board of Education Approves New Curriculum

July  28, 2014

      Critical thinking and collaboration will be the focus starting this fall in many local classrooms. Today, the Moline Board of Education approved a new curriculum for English, language arts, algebra, and geometry.

      Superintendent Dave Moyer says its part of a larger push to prepare students for new state standards.

      "Essentially, it's almost the equivalent of taking the old standards and pushing them all down a grade level, so that what used to be 7th grade is now 6th grade, and what students are asked to do not only involves more challenging curriculum, but also higher order thinking."
       Changes in English and language arts will apply to sixth through tenth graders, and the new math curriculum will apply to ninth and tenth graders.

      Moyer says its part of a pilot program that began last year when the school board hired consultants to evaluate its curriculum. It also began a co-teaching program, which brought general and special education teachers and their students together.

      "What we expect to have in this district is what we call 'a guaranteed and viable curriculum.' K12. All grade levels. All subject areas with common assessments for every grade level and every subject area across the district."

      New state standards require that teachers be assessed based on their skills and student performance. 

       Moyer says the Moline Board of Education wants to provide professional development training for its teachers.