Modern Woodmen Honors Bob Morrison

June  12, 2014

      The man who honors local veterans with visits to national war monuments will be honored, himself. Tomorrow, Bob Morrison, director of Honor Flight of the Quad Cities, will receive a community service award from Modern Woodmen of America.

      Spokeswoman Amber O'Brien says Modern Woodmen started the award program in 1997 as a way to support local charities and encourage local residents to get involved. Past recipients include Jeff and Jon Tunberg, owners of Whitey's Ice Cream, and former Rock Island mayor Mark Schweibert.

      "Bob, himself, never asks for any sort of credit, any sort of recognition for all of the time and hours and commitment that he's given to the Quad Cities. We want to recognize people who are serving a mission similar to ours."

     O'Brien says one of the honor flights Morrison helped organize was for 100 Modern Woodmen members in the Quad Cities.

     "You get 100, 150 of these Korean War veterans, World War II veterans, and some of them have never seen those monuments that were built for them, so it's really kind of amazing to see them come back and just so gracious of bob the work that Bob and his volunteers do each and every time."

     Morrison will receive a $7,500 dollar grant for a local non-profit of his choice. O'Brien says he'll give his award to the Ridgecrest Foundation, known for its assisted living program for seniors. Modern Woodmen of America will give its Community Service Award to Bob Morrison at a breakfast ceremony at Abbey Station in Rock Island tomorrow morning.