Mobile Food Pantry on Saturday

July  11, 2014

      Employees of Modern Woodmen will give up part of their weekend to fight hunger. They'll help the River Bend Food Bank hold a mobile food pantry in Davenport Saturday.

      Spokeswoman Amber O'Brien says every two years the fraternal financial services organization based in Rock Island chooses a charity or non-profit to support. And it chose the River Bend Food Bank after it made a presentation to employees.

      "I think it really moved our president, our committees, and a lot of our employees because they were really just shocked about the need and the hunger in the Quad Cities. And I think our president held on to that as we were deciding this project this year. They considered a lot of other organizations but this one really hit home for a lot of people."

      The Mobile Food Pantry will be held in north Davenport, in Goose Creek Park (259 w. 61st street) Saturday from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. Families in need from anywhere in the Quad Cities can pick up food. O'Brien estimates 60 employees, and some family members, will hand out the equivalent of 10,000 meals.

      This is part of Modern Woodmen's campaign called "Knock Out Hunger," that held a mobile food pantry in Rock Island last month, and will hold another in Davenport in August.