Miss. River Hydro-power

August  18, 2014

      If a South Dakota company has its way, the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities will generate electricity. Tuesday, Missouri River Energy Services will hold a public meeting in Davenport to talk about its plans.

      Spokesman Ray Wahle says the company would like to install turbines in the river, just downstream from Dam 15. They would be connnected to a small sub-station on land, and then to the power grid. And the turbines could generate enough electricity for up to 20,000 homes.

      Wahle says hydro-power has a great advantage over wind power.

      "It's much more predictable in terms of what you're going to get out the next day. The flows on the Mississippi River are fairly constant from day to day. Obviously it can very signifcantly throughout the year, but on a daily basis, you have a very good idea of how much water is coming downstream."

      But it will be some time, if ever, before construction can start on this project. Wahle says planning, permits, and design could take as long as 6 to 8 years. Ground was broken last week for a similar project along the Des Moines River at the Red Rock Reservoir - work on that project began in 2005.

      The public meeting begins at 8:30 am Tuesday at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Davenport.