Metro Link New Transfer Station

January  13, 2014

      Routes for Metro Link through downtown Rock Island will change, starting Monday. The public transit agency's new transfer station opens at 20th Street and 2nd Avenue.

      Spokeswoman Jennifer Garrity says construction began last spring, and the new station replaces the on-street transfer site several blocks away near city hall. 

      "Each bus bay at the new station has individual real-time signage so passengers will know exactly what route is coming into that bay, where that route is going, and at what time they'll be departing."

       Garrity says the new station is fully-enclosed, with rest rooms and a monitor with bus and passenger information. 

       She hopes it will receive a LEED Silver certification for its sustainability features.

       "We have a photo-voltaic roof that will generate electricity for the station, we have controlled lighting, and we also are re-using our rooftop water runoff for a bubbling rock water feature located in front of the building."

       Next to the new transfer station, the city is building a 34-unit housing project called "The Locks" which will probably open next summer.  Garrity says with more people living downtown, the combination of housing and bus station will encourage them to use public transportation, and help the environment.