Medical Cultivation Center Proposes to Buy Local Property

July  28, 2014

       By next year, the Quad Cities could be home to a medical marijuana growing facility. Green Thumb Industries wants to buy a 10-acre lot in Rock Island, located at 81st Avenue West and 51st Street West, where it would build a cultivation center.  The city bought the lot in 1999. Mayor Dennis Pauley says it's big enough for the proposed 30,000 to 80,000 square foot facility. Plus, it's far from residential properties. 
      "They're going to do a $10-15 million investment in the property, and they're going to add between 30 and 150 employees, so we would gain from the taxes and we would gain from the jobs."

       Green Thumb Industries is applying for one of the 22 licenses the State of Illinois plans to issue to develop medical marijuana cultivation centers. Mayor Pauley says he met with the Chicago-based company two weeks ago. 

       "First, they have to get a license. They don't have a license yet, and the whole sale is contigent on them getting a license. So if they get a license and they would start developing the facility, they were looking at having something done by mid-2015."

       The facility would be heavily regulated and would grow, not sell, medical marijuana.

       It's not clear when the State of Illinois plans to issue licenses for the cultivation centers.