McVay Pleads Not Guilty at Preliminary Hearing

August  12, 2014

      A Rock Island man has pleaded not guilty to killing his ex-girlfriend. This morning, 39-year-old Timothy McVay entered his plea at a preliminary hearing and asked for a jury trial. 

      McVay was arrested last month and charged with first-degree murder and concealment of a homicide for the death of 29 year-old Carrie Olson.   A trial is now scheduled for late September, but Rock Island County State's Attorney, John McGehee, says it could be delayed.

       "We want to move this case forward. We believe that justice is best served if we push this case forward as well too, but if the defense wants more time, the judge will usually give them at least one continuance or more depending on the facts of the case."

      McGehee calls it a "complex case." He expects more than ten witnesses will testify, and he plans to present evidence from Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota. 

      "The medical examiner from Minnesota would be called to testify, and that is sophisticated medical evidence that has to be brought forward in this particular case, so that's, again something that's complicated and it will take my office time to put that together."

      Nine months ago, Olson disappeared and her body was found in early April in southeastern Minnesota. McVay was arrested last month.