Mayor Pauley Hopes to Advance Jumer's Crossing

August  26, 2013

Rock Island Mayor Dennis Pauley is calling on the Village of Milan and a Big Island group to help advance the Jumer's Crossing development project. Any proposed change to the levee must be submitted to the Corps of Engineers by its owners, the Village of Milan and the Big Island Conservancy District. 

Today, the mayor unveiled the city's plan, and asked village and district officials to take action on it. 

"Our strong desire to develop Jumer's Crossing is equal to our desire to do it safely," said Pauley. "The city has no interest in jeopardizing the residents of Big Island of the investment we have made in that area by harming the integrity of the levee in any way. In fact, if we make changes, we will make it safer, better, and more reliable than it currently is." 

Pauley says if Milan and the District don't cooperate in advancing the 30 percent plan, Rock Island may take legal action to allow the city to submit it directly to the Corps, and become the sole sponsor of one section of the levee.

"Milan wants the whole hundred percent," said Pauley regarding why he thinks the village hasn't submitted the proposal to the Corps. "They want to know everything that's going to happen here. I can't tell you that today. I don't know exactly what store is going to be there, how many houses are going to be there, or what exactly is going to be there. All we know now is that to gain access we need to have the 30 percent approved."

Cindy Miller lives on Big Island, and says Rock Island isn't looking out for its people and environment in advancing on this project.

"They really don't concern for the people on Big Island," said Miller. "This is a money issue as far as I'm concerned, for the city of Rock Island to get more income. And I'm all for that, for the jobs and everything else, I think that's great. But there are a lot of other places they can do this without it hurting the environment, without taking the people and what we have on Big Island into harms way."

Rock Island will hold a meeting on September 12th to consider a resolution that would allow the city to submit the plan directly to the Corps, without the Village of Milan and the Big Island Conservancy's approval.