Mayor Gluba's First Vetoes

July  23, 2014

      For the first time as mayor, Bill Gluba has vetoed a decision by the Davenport city council - not once but twice. Last week he vetoed a zoning change for Saint Ambrose University's proposed athletic complex, and plans for The Dock at Davenport project.

      Both will be considered by the council later today.

      Saint Ambrose would like to build a new football stadium and baseball diamonds several blocks from campus, and just north of West Central Park Avenue. But some neighbors object, worried about traffic, runoff, and noise.

      "I think we have to put neighborhoods and neighbors ahead of institutions and corporations. It's not fair. Saint Ambrose can have a stadium in all kinds of other locations - it's not the only one in town."

      Gluba graduated from Saint Ambrose in 1964.

      The mayor also vetoed a development agreement with Todd Raufeisen who wants to put up a new office, retail, and restaurant building on the site of the former Dock Restaurant, on the riverfront. 

      "For years we've worked to get private buildings off the riverfront and getting that land back under public control. Like the Freight House for example - the building was owned by the private sector and made a mess of it. Also Modern Woodmen Park, the ice skating rink, like the bandshell - all publicly-owned - in other words owned by the people of Davenport.

      Gluba says it would be the only privately-owned building on the riverfront, and would detract from the parks and other nearby buildings.

      Aldermen will need at least 7 votes from the ten-member council to override - their past votes for the Raufeisen project have been unanimous, while they approved the university's plans by just a 6 to 4 margin. 


(photo: a drawing of the proposed SAU athletic complex)