Mallards' Owner

June  19, 2013

     The former owner of the Central Hockey League is now the sole owner of the Quad City Mallards. Today, a restaurant company based in Canada announced the league has been re-structured so each team is owned separately. 

     The T and M Group of Companies is based in Vancouver and owns hundred of Boston Pizza restaurants across Canada, and some in the US. President Jordan Melville says there'll be NO major changes in how the Mallards are run from last season to next season.

     "The ownership and operation of the team really hasn't changed much. We're announcing that we're here right now, but the ongoing operation for the summer and into the future is really the big story here."

     Melville says his company rescued the Mallards last fall because of the team's importance to the CHL. But as he learned more about the team and its history, he decided he could do better than the previous owners.

     "What's changed is the ownership groups that came in did business in a way we don't do business. We buy stuff, we foster, we grow it. We tend to keep operating it. We're not jump in jump out people."

      And he thinks with good players, and continued good management, the Mallards can be successful again. Next season will be the 17th overall, and 4th in the CHL