Lost Grove Lake Partial Opening

August  21, 2014

      Nearly 30 years after planning first began, a new state lake and recreation area in eastern Iowa is ready to open. Friday some parts of Lost Grove Lake in Scott County will be accessible. 

      Chad Dolan, from the Iowa DNR, says the main boat ramp at the eastern end of the lake is open.

      "Everybody I've seen launch a watercraft has done so without issue. And a lot of people have done some exploring on the lake already and are pretty impressed with the way things look. They're seeing a lot of fish out there in the lake so everyone's getting excited at this point."

      Shoreline trails are also open but the lake will have to rise some more for the other boat ramps to be use-able. At its deepest point, Dolan says Lost Grove Lake is probably 47 feet deep now, and eventually should rise another 15 feet.

      "I would expect we'll need to go through this winter - if we get average snowfall and then we get a decent snowmelt in the spring. And of course the spring rains hit and we get average rainfall, we should be approaching full pool."

       Once it's full, he says the average depth of the lake will probably be about 20 feet, and cover 400 acres. Fish stocking began last year, and Dolan expects "great" fishing by next summer.


(photo - taken last October from the top of the dam at the east end of Lost Grove Lake)