Lincoln's Tomb the Focus of New Documentary

July  23, 2014

       A tomb will be the main character in a new documentary about Abraham Lincoln. A LeClaire filmmmaker has partnered with the Lincoln Monument Association in Springfield to tell the story of how hard it was to bury one of the nation's most historic figures.

      Chris Ryder got the idea one night while watching an outdated documentary about Lincoln's tomb. 

      "What I decided to do was not to rehash what's been told all the time, because I can watch Beach Boys documentaries until the end of time and they always go, 'Brian Wilson stayed in bed for this many weeks and blah blah blah,' and I go, 'I know that,' so I kind of adapted the same thing from the Lincoln perspective."

      The 75-minute film will include narration, reenactments, and interviews with historians. Ryder started the project in March. Now, he's working to make sure the script is "accurate and pertinent."

       "But still interject that human emotion, because there are still people who go to the tomb this day and people that show up and become emotionally affected by it, and I need to tell as much of that story as possible without actually having the camera in somebody's face and doing the contrived method of trying to get them to ball on camera or something like that."

      Ryder says the Lincoln Monument Association will incorporate the film in its virtual and physical tours in Springfield. He also hopes local PBS stations will air it next year for the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's death. 

       Ryder has also launched an online fundraising campaign in hopes of raising at least $15,000 dollars for the project.