Lane Evans Drive

October  15, 2013

     Rock Island has honored former Congressman Lane Evans by re-naming a street in the neighborhood where he grew up. Six blocks of 37th Street, from 12th to 18th avenues, is now also known as "Lane Evans Drive."  Friends, former co-workers, and government officials gathered this afternoon to unveil the new signs.

     Doug House served as his political director for three years, and volunteered in all his campaigns from 1982 through 2006. He says Evans was humble and shy, and a very unlikely politician.

     "He stood very steadfast for the things he thought were important in terms of helping people who had no voice. And he never wavered on that regardless of how difficult the vote could be he was alwasys  solid, he always voted his heart regardless of how it might turn out for him in the election. And he never took that into consideration."

      Phil Hare was a top aide for 24 years and succeeded Evans when he retired. Hare says he was great to work for and taught him a lot about how to be a member of congress.

     "He wasn't afraid to take on the speaker if he had to on our own side. I enjoyed that about him. Some of the votes we knew we'd get phone calls on - I'd call him up and say we're getting some phone calls and he'd say just answer them (laughs)."

      First elected in 1982, Evans served until 2006 when he retired for health reasons. He now lives at the Hope Creek Care Center in East Moline, and was not able to attend today's ceremony. 



(photo: Evans' childhood friend Don Lind did the actual unveiling of the sign for Lane Evans Drive)