Kazakhstan Trade Mission

November  05, 2013

     Companies in western Illinois may soon start selling their products, literally, halfway around the world. They're meeting in Chicago this week with a trade mission of health care companies from the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan in central Asia.

     Gary Camarano is the Global Strategies Director for Galesburg and four counties - Knox, Warren, Mercer, and Henderson. He says the Kazak companies want to buy products and services from the US. 

     "So when you say a pharmaceutical company, it doesn't have to make drugs in the US, but it could be a company that makes the equipment that goes into making drugs. We have some companies that make sterile equipment that can be used to manufacture drugs."

     His next effort will be directed at local companies that make railroad-related products and services. The country of Oman is preparing to build a major rail project that'll link it with Kuwait and other nearby Persian Gulf countries.

     "Oman is a very stable US ally. And it's one of only 12 countries in the last 25 years that's had 7 % economic growth each year. They want to talk to US railroad companies, get them over in front of them, that'll also engage our supply chain."

     Camarano says in recent years he's talked with 30 different embassies, consuls, and trade missions, from around the world, hoping to boost companies in Galesburg and the surrounding area.