Justice for Mike Brown Rally

August  19, 2014

Justice Rally for Mike Brown

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      Local residents held their own demonstration in support of Michael Brown. Last night, the Quad Cities Family Life Church hosted a peace rally in honor of the unarmed Black teenager fatally shot by police in Ferguson, Missouri. 

      Davenport resident, Xavier Keen organized the rally. The manufacturing engineer grew up in Kinlock, Missouri, just blocks away from Ferguson. He wants to send a message to the Quad Cities:

      "Stand strong. Unite. Don't accept anything because if this can happen in Ferguson, it can happen in Rock Island. We saw it happen in New York. In California. When is going to be next? Let's be proactive and not reactive."

      People of all ages and ethnicities marched from Martin Luther King Park to Schweibert Park chanting, "Hands up! Don't shoot."  Another marcher, Starling Campbell, says Michael Brown's death has taken racial profiling to a new level. 

      "It's international now. The issue has gotten so deep. I mean, people are tired. It ain't the boy who's hurting; it's the family who's hurting when you lose somebody. See, the police can sit at home all day long and look at tv and laugh and joke about it, but this ain't no joking matter. This is real, and it's time to shut down on that."

       When marchers arrived at Schweibert Park, community leaders spoke and led prayers. Organizers hope the rally is the start of a new conversation about peace and justice in the Quad Cities.