Jim Wozniak Runs for State Representative

July  31, 2013

Jim Wozniak has entered the race for state representative for the Illinois Quad Cities. Wozniak announced his candidacy Wednesday afternoon for the 71st District at the Rock Island County Republican Party headquarters in Moline.

The Assistant State's Attorney said he's the best man for the job because he's an "average" resident of the Quad Cities.

"I have a job that I enjoy that I am paid well for," said Wozniak. "But I see more and more of my money going to taxes, going to costs. And I'm struggling like many in the state. The changes I propose, the ideas I have, are to truly make the state of Illinois a better place to live for everyone in it, including the average citizen like myself, like everyone here."

If elected, Wozniak said he would focus on pension reform, tax reform, and wasteful spending by the state. And he would refuse a state pension.

Wozniak also used the opportunity to say that current 71st District Representative, Democrat Mike Smiddy from Hillsdale, lacks "ethics". 

"He is a representative," said Wozniak, "That has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from union leadership bent on protecting their own personal interests and not those in Illinois or the members of their own union. He has paid himself over $40,000 of that union money from his own campaign for working as a candidate at tasks taht all of us candidates do, and do at no cost." 

Fellow Rock Island County Assistant State's Attorney Jeff McKinley has also entered the race as a Republican.

The winner of the Republican primary next year will take on incumbent Democrat Mike Smiddy in the general election.