JD Road Overpass Problem

July  10, 2014

      Part of the new overpass being put up on John Deere Road at 38th Street in Moline, will have to be re-built. But that shouldn't delay its completion, now scheduled for this fall. 

      John Wegmeyer, from the Dixon office of the Illinois Department of Transportation, says as crews were building the concrete panels on the north side of the overpass, one group of panels began to bend out, and the problem could not be corrected. 

      "The way to correct that is that we have to take out some of the dirt that's put in behind and take down some of the panels. And get back to the spot where we're satisfied with the vertical 'plumbness" of it - how straight up and down it is. And then just re-set the panel."

      The D-O-T and contractor, McCarthy Improvement Company, are now puttng together plans for correcting the problem, and the additional work should start next week. Other parts of the project will also be re-arranged because of the delay in completing the north side approach. 

      Wegmeyer says the overpass is still scheduled to be completed before Thanksgiving, and in time for the holiday shopping season, but that may require McCarthy to work on weekends and schedule double shifts.