Iowa Fraud Fighters

June  02, 2014

      The 'Iowa Fraud Fighters" are coming to the Quad Cities. On Thursday (6/5), the state's Insurance Division will sponsor a public education program in Davenport called "Iowa Fraud Fighters - Shield Your Savings."         Spokesman Tom Alger says the goal is consumer education and protection for insurance and investments. One of the most common complaints received by his office concerns "affinity fraud."

      "And that has to do with people who should be trusted. They could be parts of your club, your church, your educational community, and your community, where people do have that implicit level of trust."

      Alger says there are many legitimate offers made by mail, email, door-to-door, telephone, and in seminars. But they're too often used to cheat people, especially the elderly. And his advice is to double check with the Insurance Division before making a decision. 

      "To make sure someone they're working with in insurance or investments is licensed, that products are property registered, and if there are any complaints we've had we can let people know before they get stuck."

       The Fraud Fighters program will be held in downtown Davenport on Thursday in the River Center, beginning at 11:30 am. To sign up for the program, and a free lunch, rsvp to the Iowa Fraud Fighters website or call the Insurance Division. 

( or 866-559-7114)