Ill. QC School Consolidation Proposal

September  25, 2013

     Now that district residents and staff have given their opinions, it's time for the Silvis School Board to make a decision on consolidation. Tonight the board will hold a special meeting.

     Superintendent Ray Bergles says there have been public meetings, and parents and staff have been surveyed, but until now board members have not held a formal discussion themselves.

     "We have to decide what are we going to do - do they want to continue and move ahead and move towards putting it on the ballot so that people can decide, or perhaps not." 

     The discussion follows a report in June from three retired superintendents who studied the possible consolidation of United Township with several of its feeder districts - Silvis, East Moline, Colona, and Carbon Cliff-Barstow. And they concluded it makes sense for students, and taxpayers. Bergles isn't sure what his board will decide tonight.

     "I think there are some who are for it and some against it, but I think the majority might be for putting it on the ballot. My personal feelings are in a big decision like this, the people should be allowed to decide."

     If Silvis and the other school boards decide to continue investigating consolidation, then the next step would be some sort of joint board meeting, and planning for a referendum next year.