HealthPlex Bettendorf

February  06, 2014

      Construction has already started on a new medical complex in the Quad Cities. Today, Genesis Health System announced plans for the Genesis HealthPlex Bettendorf, on 53rd Avenue near 18th Street.

      Chief Operating Officer, Wayne Diewalt, says it will be similar to the HealthPlex that opened in Moline last fall.

      "These health-plexes represent a model and an approach to care that's multi-disciplinary in nature. It provides convenience for the patients to get all the services they need in one location. And more importantly, allows us to continue our journey around population health which includes more prevention and wellness than treatment and cure."

      And he thinks this will be especially convenient for the elderly who now have to travel to their doctor's office, then to a specialist in a different location, and to a third site for diagnostic tests.

      Diewalt says the new healthplex will help Genesis reduce the cost of health care for its patients. 

      "We're driving toward what we call p-m-p-m - which is the cost of health care per member per month. And how can we work collaboratively to reduce that. We do it through prevention, emphasis on wellness, and personal accountability. That's going  to be, not just a Genesis initiative, but it's going to be a community initiative if we're really going to impact the cost of care."

      HealthPlex Bettendorf will cover more than 43,000 square feet and cost 15 million dollars, and it should open by late this year.

      Diewalt says the health system is also working on plans for another healthplex in west Davenport.