Great Swedish Adventure

February  04, 2013

     The hunt is on for some Swedish Americans who want to find out more about their ancestors. Next week is the deadline to apply to be a contestant on a popular reality show in Sweden called "Everything for Sweden" or the "Great Swedish Adventure." Ten Americans are brought to Sweden each year, and as they research their relatives, there are competitions about Swedish history and culture.

     Brian Gerard from Louisville, Kentucky was the winner for season one. He says producers are looking for people who are passionate about their heritage, and can tell a story. As part of the show, Gerard spent several weeks in Sweden visiting the places his ancestors lived, and the churches they attended.

     "That experience, along with others, really helped me to see and to feel and to know our family's story - more than just names on a family tree or stories passed down from grandparents. It was more powerful than words can describe."

     He says about 40 people will be interviewed in the US, then ten will be chosen to travel to Sweden in June for the start of the competition, and filming. Each season is made up of eight, one-hour episodes.  Anyone interested in being cast for the show should go online to great swedish adventure dot com ( The deadline to apply is February 11th. 

(photo courtesy of Brian Gerard and SVT)