GOP Candidate for Illinois Lt. Governor

August  28, 2014

      A world-class education system is possible in Illinois without raising taxes. That's according to Evelyn Sanguinetti, the republican candidate for lieutenant governor. Sanguinetti is a member of the city council in Wheaton, and former Illinois assistant attorney general, who was chosen by GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner to be his running mate this year.

      During a visit to the Quad Cities Wednesday, she said the republican plan is for Illinois to grow its way out of recession, instead of taxing its way out.

      "We know jobs and businesses are leaving our state in alarming numbers, and the only way they'll stop leaving our state and start coming in, is if we are not punitive to businees. Right now we over-regulate and  right now we need tort reform in a bad way."

      And she thinks over time, this would make up for the sharp loss in revenue schools and other programs can expect next year when the state income tax increase expires.

      Traditionally, the candidate for lieutenant governor is expected to make the strongest attacks against the other party. But Sanguinetti says there's no need for her to do that this year. 

      "We're resonating with republicans and democrats alike. Our message is clear and we're really getting a buzz. Why get negative when we get so much positive feedback."

      She worked as an assistant to Illinois Attorney General Jim Ryan for five years, ending in 2003. And was first elected to the Wheaton city council in 2011. Sanguinetti now works for a law firm in Chicago and is also an adjunct professor at the John Marshall Law School. 


(photo: Evelyn Sanguinetti during an interview at WVIK)