Genesis Patient Records Leaked

August  09, 2013

The medical records of more than 1,100 patients in the Quad Cities were accidently available on the web earlier this year. Genesis Health System says a subcontractor, Cogent Healthcare, found that more than 32,000 records nationwide were left un-secured from May 5th to June 24th.

Genesis spokesman, Craig Cooper, says the leaked information included names, dates of birth, and doctor's notes, through a medical transcription company, M-2.

Despite the accidental release, he says there's a very small risk of identity theft.  

"The important thing to stress here is that none of it was financial information," said Cooper. "No social security numbers, no credit information, no banking information. Nothing like that was unsecured. It was patient health data. Now that doesn't excuse the fact that nobody likes this, and, of course, Genesis is disappointed."

Due to federal laws that protect the privacy of health information, Cooper says when it was discovered, Cogent quickly fixed the problem. But at this point, it's hard to tell whose information was seen and by whom.

"We're not sure how much of it was accessed, how many people saw the data," said Cooper. "We're just, we're not sure. And I'm not sure Cogent knows right now. It started in May and they discovered it in June. And, of course, immediately shut down and secured the information."

Cooper says Genesis has already contacted the 11-hundred patients whose information was made public. And Cogent Healthcare has stopped working with the medical transcription company M-2.

Patients with concerns about their medical records should call Genesis or Cogent Healthcare.