Galesburg Breaks Ground on Overpass

October  04, 2013

A new road project in Galesburg may save lives. The city will break ground Friday on an overpass at Seminary and Kellogg streets. This is the second of three major road projects the city is building to keep trains from blocking traffic. 

City engineer, Wayne Carl, says nearly 250 trains comes through Galesburg every day, which means ambulances, fire trucks, and other emergency vehicles are often delayed.

"As far as emergency vehicle access," said Carl, "The one that we're doing now, it has the biggest ipmct of the three. Just because the hospitals and the ambulance services are located on Seminary Street on the north side of town. So it's going to be a direct access for them to get to the south side of town when we get this constructed."

But Carl says it's also a matter of convenience for Galesburg residents, who have to drive a mile out of their way sometimes just to avoid trains through downtown.

"We also are looking at easing conjestions," said Carl. "Because there's a lot of delay to the public when they have to sit for a hundred trains a day on this double track that goes through town."

The 11.5 million dollar overpass in Galesburg is being funded with state and federal money. Construction is expected to be completed by next fall.  Already open is the Don Moffitt Overpass on West Main Street. Construction of an underpass for East Main Street is scheduled to begin late next year.