Electronic Visitor Management

August  06, 2013

     Hoping to enhance the safety of students and staff, new check-in procedures for visitors are going into effect for the Bettendorf schools. Visitors will be required to check in at the front office, show I-D, sign in and out, and wear a badge. But at three schools, visitors will be tracked electronically.

     Superintendent Theron Schutte says the "visitor management system" by a company called Raptor will scan a person's driver's license then check a national data base of registered sex offenders. Bettendorf can also add the names of expelled students or people with no contact orders. 

     "I think the occurrences of people coming into schools who shouldn't be in schools is really really rare. But all it takes is one bad incident to become a big big deal. And if there's anything we can do to further shore up our systems to minimize to the fullest extent possible anything bad from happening to our students or staff, we certainly want to do that."

     Raptor will automatically alert the principal, police liaison, and other officials if someone on these lists tries to enter a school.

     "Once you're scanned, then you're automatically entered into the system, just based on your name, photo, and your date of birth. And from that point forward, any subsequent visits you can be manually typed in and they can run that check."

     Doctor Schutte says Raptor software will be tested in three elementary schools this fall, Paul Norton, Neil Armstrong, and Thomas Jefferson, with others to be added sometime in the future.