East Moline Earns BMX State Championships

September  26, 2013

There are more BMX riders registered in the Quad Cities than anywhere else in Illinois. And that's why the BMX Speedway in East Moline will host the state championships this weekend.

Track Director, Paul DePauw, says East Moline BMX nearly doubled its membership this past year.

"This race has always been held in Rockford for probably the last 30 years, til this year," said DePauw. "We earned the right to hold it at our facility. So it was a great testament to our volunteers and people that worked really hard last year to get this race in town. And it's based on rider count and renewing your existing riders. And we did the most in Illinois."

The track has hosted state championships in the past, but this is the first sanctioned by USA BMX, the largest promoter of action sports.

Over the weekend, bike riders ranging from five-and-under to fifty-and-over will race around the hilly track for a chance at a trophy and standing points.

"Obviously the state titles are on the line," said DePauw. "So we're goign to be bringing in 250 riders. But most of those are kids that can't drive. So they're going to bring their family. They're going to be in the Quad Cities spending the night and in this area using the amenities that are around." 

In July, East Moline BMX hosted a national tournament which pumped nearly 3 million dollars into the Quad Cities economy.

The BMX State Championship kicks off with preliminary races Friday night, and finishes with championship races on Sunday. Admission is free.