Eaglet Naming Poll Underway

April  02, 2013

Two new residents of Riverdale will be named this month, and you can help. Their parents are bald eagles, Liberty and Justice, who live high up in a tree at Alcoa's Davenport Works. A camera above the nest is focussed on the family, providing video and audio on the internet for fans all over the world. 

Spokesman John Riches says people suggested nearly 4,000 names for the two eaglets on Facebook and Twitter. Then Alcoa officials narrowed the list to nine pairs of names for voting. Since it's the company's 125th anniversary, they could be called Al and Coa or Alcoa and Legacy. Riches says, "Charles and Julia, and that's actually for Charle Martin Hall and his sister. He was the one who invented the modern aluminum process and was the founder of Alcoa. "

The other choices are:
Wilbur and Orville, Lindy and Amelia, Pride and Joy, Stars and Stripes, Honor and Glory, and finally, Peace and Harmony. Riches says both eaglets are very well fed. Liberty and Justice have brought them a squirrel, birds, other small animals, and many fish.  You can vote and view the live video feed, at www.alcoa.com/eaglecam.