Work resumes at the water plant in Davenport

May  01, 2013

After a two week flood delay, construction workers have resumed building permanent flood protection for the Iowa American Water treatment plant in Davenport. Construction of the concrete flood wall began about one-and-a-half years ago. The plant treats water for most of Scott County including LeClaire.

Mark Pratt, from the Corps of Engineers, says about 75 percent of the project has been completed, including most of the 2-thousand-foot wall and a small section of levee. He and the construction workers have been learning a lot about the history of the site, which is located just west of the Village of East Davenport. "There's a lot of old pipes and sewer mains that we have to check and see if they're still connected or abandoned."

When the Mississippi began rising a couple of weeks ago, the crew was working in a deep hole between the river and the water treatment plant. So Pratt says they switched gears and built a temporary dike with Hesco baskets.

The federal government is paying for three-quarters of the 11 million dollar cost. The city and Iowa American Water Company are paying the rest.