Davenport Honored for Sustainability

August  12, 2014

      A national organization has recognized Davenport for its achievements in "sustainability." This week Star Communities, based in Washington DC, annoounced Davenport has become just the 16th community in North America to be certified under its new rating system.

      Star executive director, Hilari Varnadore, says their ratings for sustainability take into account more than just how "green" a community is - they also measure economic and social sustainability, looking at health care, the economy, and innovation.

      "So we look at sustainability in a holistic way - in that everything is connected, it's all part of a big system. And you really have to be focusing on all these areas in order for your community to prosper and meet the needs of future generations."

      The rating system was just recently developed, and Davenport was one of 31 cities and counties to test it. The city achieved perfect grades in arts and culture, civil and human rights, and outdoor air quality. It scored slightly lower for green infra-structure, hazard mitigation, public spaces, community water systems, and civic engagement.

      Once the scores are tallied, communities receive a 3, 4, or 5-star rating - Davenport is one of just six to receive the 4-star rating, only one city earned 5 stars. Varnadore says the goal of Star Communities is "to encourage local accountability and drive continuous improvement."