Davenport Flood Prep Update

July  01, 2014

      As the next crest of the Mississippi River approaches the Quad Cities, Davenport has nearly completed its preparations. 

      Public Works director Mike Clarke says his crews will finish their work tomorrow (wed.), with the crest now expected for Friday night - 5.8 feet over flood stage.  He does not think the city could have acted any sooner than this week.

      "We were pre-positioned but we were still shocked like everybody else when we went from a 16-foot event to a 22-foot event. And we did that overnight. It's like 'Holy cow, what happened here .' Well we all know what happened - Mother Nature turned on the skies and we all took a bath - it was some kind of a storm."

      Yesterday, the National Weather Service predicted a crest as much as 7 feet over flood stage, and Clarke says the city is ready for 9 feet over flood stage. Despite the predictions for major flooding, the city has received very few calls for help - from homes and businesses. 

      River Drive is closed from Federal Street to Concord, a temporary flood wall is in place on River Drive from Iowa to Perry Streets, Union Station is protected, and by tonight, the elevated sidwalk to Modern Woodmen Park will be completed. And so far, the only closed downtown business is the Rhythm City casino. 


(photo: Public Works director Mike Clarke, flanked by Iowa 2nd District Congressman Dave Loebsack and Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba)