Quad Cities bike riders give three cheers for Davenport's new Credit Island Bridge

October  29, 2012

Bicycle riders are thrilled with a new, key link in the Quad Cities' network of bike trails. This morning, city officials, parks department employees, members of the bike club, and others held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Credit Island Bridge. 

Dean Mathias, from the Quad Cities Bike Club, says it connects the Mississippi River Trail and the American Discovery Trail. He led a few dozen bicyclists to cheer, "Hip hip hooray," three times to thank Davenport.

Seven years ago, when Ian Frink was an alderman in Davenport, he pushed for the construction of a bridge between Credit Island Park and South Concord Street. Frink has always wanted residents of west Davenport to have easier access to the park, and a safer way to bike downtown. 

The new bridge cost 1.9 million dollars with 20 percent from Davenport's capital improvement fund, and the rest from the federal grants. And already, Mayor Bill Gluba says every day, 250 bike riders use the Credit Island Bridge.