Cordova Refuel Outage

April  11, 2013

Both reactors at the Cordova nuclear plant are back in full operation after one was shut down for a month.

Plant spokesman Bill Stoermer says each spring, one of the two reactors is turned off to refuel and for maintenance, inspections, and improvements.

"The reactors at Quad Cities are set up with 24 month fuel," said Stoermer. "So in 24 months, there's a third of the nuclear fuel in the reactor that we have gotten all the energy out of that is necessary to make as much electricity as we can on any given day. So the outages are scheduled based on that, that use of fuel."

Two thousand additional workers were brought in during the outage, 40 percent of whom were not from the Quad Cities area. 

Stoermer says overall, this year's refuel outage was a success.

"The outage went fairly well," he said. "Obviously there's always some lessons learned in every outage. Things that we can do better next time, and we can learn from, situations that become emergent during an outage. That's just part of the nature of the business. We'll take those lessons learned and incorporate them into the next two outages and ensure we can do these outages as efficiently as possible, to get the units on line as quick as we can."

Stoermer says this year's outage took a little longer than expected, 28 days, because of a 10 year safety inspection that needed to be done on the unit 1 turbine. Next spring, he says, the same work on Unit 2 should take about 20 days.